In 2015 Social Catering & Events was founded to become Tallahassee & the Greater Panhandle’s premier offsite catering and venue management company. The scope of our offsite catering ranges from high-end dropoffs to five-course fine dining experiences to servicing upwards of two thousand guests in a single meal period. Our mission is simple: provide a delicious meal in a professional and warm manner every time, every place, and for every size group.

Let Us Do The Work

Our highest priority is creating an inviting, custom, experience built on enthusiastic excellence! Life brings us together for a variety of reasons and we can handle everything behind the scenes. 

  • Intimate In-Home Dinners
  • Social Gatherings
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Charity & Fundraising Events
  • Wedding Related Celebrations

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Social Kitchen

Social Kitchen offers a wide variety of creative options for  breakfast, lunch, or special social gatherings. Social Kitchen's catering is designed to be delivered with professional set up or picked up, either ready to eat or ready to heat. 

Social Kitchen's Prepared Meals program offer Chef created meals that can be  delivered or picked up and reheated at home. 

Hospitality Is Our Middle Name

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